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An Artists Dream

It is all just energy. Money, Love, Luck... and YOU, only YOU are the creator of it all.

Read Rogers experience below.


I guess like so many others I have always struggled to make ends meet. I've been self employed since I finished a carpentry apprenticeship at 20. I'm 58.

I'd see those with money and see how it consumes them and just think:

"that's not how I want to be."

I wasn't even aware that the flow of money or for that matter anything, even love! is an energetic thing. When you change the energy by changing your beliefs something "unblocks" and the flow just happens.

So my first experience with this came from an online course I did on finding your purpose. It involved writing affirmations over and over again. I was sitting in a cafe with just enough money for a coffee. I had a piece of artistic furniture for sale there. It was my third day writing this when a couple came up to me and asked me what I'd been doing? I pointed to my seat.

A few days later I made the delivery and had $2'500 in my bank account! Something had shifted, only slightly, however I now believed in this whole energy thing.

About 6 months after this my partner Diana had travelled to Australia to complete a course in facilitating an emotional clearing process. When she returned she gave me a contact of one of her fellow attendees. Because she would have been too close to me to guide me through this process herself.

I still wasn't financially fluid however I made an agreement with this person that I owed him $150 and I did an online Wealth Clear with him.

Within days someone had deposited $250 into my account without explanation?

And from then on I've had the best work flow to me both interesting and lucrative. I hardly put any energy into finding this work it just flows to me through all kinds of unexpected channels.

Right now I'm doing a couple of projects for a previous client who has now paid me a four-figured amount up front for me to be creative. An Artists Dream!

All I can do to describe this is, it's not what you think. It's what you feel and I feel I now know myself better.

Go forth and prosper!

Roger Harwood, Woodworker & Artist

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