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How can I listen to my feelings?

Sometimes I get asked how you can relearn to listen to your feelings when you are torn and don't know how to decide?

This is very simple: - Just flip a coin! :-)

A young woman came to me and asked me of some advice regarding a big decision she was going to make. She was given the opportunity to go overseas for one year as an exchange student. An offer that was only given to her because of her excellent school results. But on the other side she has just met this lovely young man and didn't want to leave him and taking the risk of loosing him.

When I asked her to flip a coin, she looked at me in disbelieve. She said she can't just make such an important decision based on a coin! But she continued; Heads, go overseas. Tails, stay home.

She through the coin up in the air and it landed tails up on her hand. Her body language and facial expression instantly showed disappointment.

I asked her if she would know now what decision she will have to make. She nodded and thanked me.

Sometimes we need some help to reconnect with our feelings. Once this is clear to you, it is much easier to find the LOVE in your decision but it still needs courage and honesty to communicate it to who ever is involved by your decision.

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