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Updated: May 20, 2018

This week I was working with a client on his blocks around wealth. During our coaching session we stumbled over some emotions in connection with generosity.

Which surprised us, because this person is very generous and would give his last cent to a person in need to help. So when we went a bit further we discovered that this person struggles with being generous if there is no sympathy or empathy in this act of giving.

You might think now, yes of course! I don’t feel like giving something to a person or an institution you don’t like! Right?

The trick is: all you have to do is feeling NEUTURAL around giving. This means not holding anything emotionally against that person or around this act.

My client understood that he had to FORGIVE to be able to let go of those emotions.

If you can GIVE FREELY, you will RECEIVE EASILY.

How easy can YOU give?

Yes? What about tax? Do you like paying tax?

What is your struggle around paying tax? Is it because you think the current government doesn’t use it wisely enough?

Or do you think they are ripping you off?

Or it’s just that one thing at the end of the year that gives you a headache?

Did you know that if you have more money you will also pay more tax?

Who or what to you have to forgive to receive more?

Do you know how to forgive truly? More about that in my next post…

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