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Decisions based on LOVE or FEAR?

Cook Straight; sea between North and South Island of New Zealand. To the left the sun with clouds going down over Marlborough Sounds while clear evening sky over Wellington headland to the right.

Did you know that you always have the choice of FEAR or LOVE in any situation in your life? Whatever you do and whatever you decide you can always do it because of FEAR or LOVE.

For example; You keep your job you actually don't like because you FEAR the big unknown you would face if you quit your job. E.g. you don't know if you will find another job at all or if you will like the new job or it might be even worse than the one you have now.

Or you can decide to keep the job you don't particularly like because you LOVE your family and you know how much they appreciate you having a stable and secure income.

Or you can quit your job because you FEAR that the situation will just get worse and you rather take action before change will be brought upon you.

But you can also quit your job for LOVE for yourself, because you deserve a better environment and to do a job you really like! Go for your passion!

You can ALWAYS find FEAR and LOVE. But just be aware; If you are making your decision based on FEAR, you are choosing a negative, inward, closing energy and most of the time that's the easy way out. If you are making your decision based on LOVE, you are choosing an open, outward, positive energy but it takes more courage and honesty to go this way.

It is up to you which path you are choosing. Every day, in every situation. What ever energy you chose, that's the energy that will come back to you.

Not sure how you find LOVE in your situation? - Listen to your feelings, they'll tell you.

Not sure how you can listen to your feelings? I'll give you some guidance later this week.

Much LOVE and good decision making! ;-)

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