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The Roller Coaster of Life

Do you know the ups and downs in your life? Me too... 

For me the interesting thing is that when we are on a high there is no way we can imagine having a low. We live the happy time enjoying it to the max and have no doubt and no imagination that it could ever be any different. We feel the luckiest people alive. But it will! - There will be low after high.  And when we are low, quite often we feel the poorest thing in the world and just can’t see an end to our misery. We feel the low with our whole being and indulge in it. In those times we might question everything, our job, our partnership, even our very own existence. We have no imagination and hope that it will ever change and we will ever feel better. But it will! - There will be high after every low. This is the natural cycle of life. We live because of dual polarities. Like our breath, like our heart beat. Light and dark. Good and bad. Yin and Yang. Low and high. 

Happiness is a choice in every moment low or high because we know it’s all part of life.  I have just had some pretty tough weeks. The end of a very busy time running my accommodation business. I had a fantastic summer and felt the best ever and then... I can’t really remember how the low came about. It was suddenly here. Very heavy and very strong. I felt drained, weak and just unable to do anything about it.  Then suddenly just after I hit the lowest point of my low, there was a tiny light on the horizon. A few simple positive things and this reminded me of the two polarities. Of course there will be a high after low and of course there will be a low after high! Life can’t be even, otherwise we would be dead. But we can rise our low by knowing there will be a high after low and every time we become more aware of it we won’t dive as deep as the last time.  And knowing that there will be a low after a high will make us stronger and enjoying our high more consciously. This way we grow.

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