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Who is Diana Baer?

My story...

For more than 20 years I served many big corporations in various positions. I know the pressure in the private sector and tried to find tools and techniques to help me deal with stress, pressure and to find a better work-life-balance.


While training to compete in a long distance triathlon, I came across Sport Psychology and learned not only how to prepare myself mentally for a big goal but also how to relax, focus and process battering.


I was fascinated by the results and what I could achieve when I started using more of my resources than just the 10%, which is our conscious mind.


I became a Mental Skills Coach and Sport Psychologist and soon supported athletes of all sports, ages and levels in Switzerland.


A contact and an invitation by the Sport Psychologists in New Zealand brought me to New Zealand in 2010.


A new love and the start of a family confronted me with a big change in life. With the move to the other side of the world I had to let go of my old life, friends and family and embrace a new life, a new culture and different language.


No doubt this change brought up a lot of emotions; emotions I had to (and was willing to) deal with. Using “The Spiral”, an emotional clearing technique, I found another way to cope with many life situations. This system has enriched the variety of tools I use in coaching today.

My passion:

I love seeing people grow and achieving amazing things, this is most rewarding!


My qualifications & life experience:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Sport Psychology (Swiss Olympic approved)

  • Emotional Clearing Practitioner

  • Mental Skills Coach

  • IT Project Manager

  • Long distance triathlete

  • Manager of two businesses

  • Mum of one son

I am specialised in the following areas:

  • Preparation for a big goal

  • Coping with burnout symptoms

  • Coping with big changes and challenges in your life (e.g. break-ups, losing your job)

  • Support in transferring to the next stage in life

  • Finding your work-life-balance

  • Finding balance between being a good mum and a successful business woman

"A single thought is the smallest entity of energy!"

- Albert Einstein

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