The Secrets of

Performance Psychology

An introduction on how to:

  • find your motivation

  • handle procrastination

  • turn fear into high-performance

Whether it's racing, competition, exams, performance, or public speaking, you'll be introduced to ways of overcoming obstacles to your success!


28 June 2021, 7.15 - 8.30pm


Evolution Fitness, 3/9 Joan Gaskell Drive, Whitianga

Enty by koha

Everybody's welcome!

Performance Psychology

Level 1


4-evenings course

Sport competitions but also situations in our business or personal life can bring us to the edge of our comfort zone and pushes our limits. These situations make us realise how important our mental strength is.

Did you know, success is directly linked to concentration, motivation, awareness, decision making, relaxation and general well-being?

Often only split seconds decide between win or lose, success or failure.


The principals of Performance Psychology can help us to focus on the essentials and to excel.

We look forward to seeing you!