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Do you feel unhappy in your situation?

When ever you feel unhappy in a life situation (e.g. your job, your relationship etc.) you always have three options how to deal with it:


Check if you can change your situation so it feels more comfortable to you. E.g. talk to your boss or your partner if things can be changed. Speak up for your truth and your values!


If things can't be changed, check if you can leave the situation. This might need a lot of courage but it might be worth it! Imaging all the new opportunities that could arise! Or is it too difficult? Too many dependencies? Or too much change? Not really what you are prepared to do?

3rd) LOVE IT

If you can't change things and you can't leave the situation. Try to look at it from a different perspective, a different angle. Change your attitude towards your current situation and embrace it, LOVE IT!

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