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Maurizio Nicoli (Skier)

The collaboration with Diana was very important to me during my preparation for the Paralympics 2014.


Diana is very persuasive about the techniques and tools she uses and teaches and she believes in the seemingly impossible in people.

Michelle Kraus (Gymnast)

As a 12 year old it was important for me to have another person in my life, besides my parents, who I can fully trust. Diana supported me in finding the right balance and how I can easily switch between school and training while keeping concentration in both. She showed me very valuable techniques to prepare myself for new elements and big events, but also to relax. All those techniques helped me in my sport but also at school and any other life situation.

Samira Holdener (Triathlete)

Diana’s profound knowledge in Sport Psychology and her way of teaching helped me a lot, especially to balance my stress level before competitions.

I was always looking forward to the sessions with her. She motivated and supported me in many ways and different life situations.

Participants from open courses:

"It was a great course, which will help me in my life and has already." - Lea


"It was very interesting and I liked the exercises." - Tanja


"The course was very impressive and was very effective." - Sam


"Diana is an inspirational person who is calm and well balanced. She is very competent in her field." - Sandy


"Diana has good knowledge and experience as an athlete, which gives her the ability to respond to personal questions." - Anita

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